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Super Nutrient SLASHES Breast Cancer Risk

We’ve come a long way in the fight against cancer—but we’ve still got a long way to go.

Breast cancer still kills thousands of people (women AND men!) every year… and the mainstream’s treatments are just as barbaric as they’ve always been.

Instead, I liked like to see less invasive –– and more effective –– ways to prevent and breast cancer.

And there’s one nutrient that keeps turning up in major medical journals that can slash breast cancer risk by as much as 83%.

Vitamin D’s list of benefits is long—and it keeps getting longer.

Bone health, heart health, immune benefits, you name it.

And now we can add breast cancer prevention to the list as well.

Numerous studies on both humans and animals show the connection between vitamin D and breast cancer.

Studies show that when mice are deficient in vitamin D, they’re more likely to get breast cancer.

People who have serum vitamin D levels of at least 40 ng/mL have a 67% lower risk of breast cancer compared to those with levels of just 20 ng/mL.

But the higher your D levels, the greater your protection.

Another study found that when your levels are 60 ng/mL or higher, you have an 83% lower risk of breast cancer.

Eighty-three percent!

And just as exciting as preventing cancer to begin with, a meta-analysis that included 52 studies concluded that having a higher vitamin D level can reduce your risk of DYING from cancer as well.

There are three ways to get vitamin D:

  1. Sunlight (aim for at least 15 minutes a day)
  2. Food (salmon, mackerel, yogurt, cod liver oil)
  3. Supplementation

Focus on one or all three… just make sure you’re raising your blood levels. The higher the better.