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Wonder Nutrient ERASES Silent Parkinson’s Symptoms

When you think of Parkinson’s, it’s typically the physical symptoms that come to mind.  

The endless tremors… mobility problems… and inability to speak that are most recognizable 

But not many people know that Parkinson’s has some not-so-obvious symptoms as well like depression, anxiety, sleep problems, and an increased risk of falling. 

Pharmaceutical companies haven’t concocted a pill specifically for these unseen Parkinson’s symptoms—and I say thank goodness for that!  

Because researchers have found a wonder nutrient that can. And it’s CHEAPER and SAFER than anything Big Pharma could offer. 

Vitamin D deficiency and Parkinson’s go hand-in-hand. 

Over the years, studies show time and again that Parkinson’s patients tend to be deficient in vitamin D.  

In fact, those with the lowest levels also have the most severe symptoms and more severe cognitive issues. 

That means there’s already a strong case for checking the vitamin D levels of PD patients—and taking a vitamin D supplement if necessary. 

But this recent study added yet another reason for PD patients to supplement with vitamin D. 

When researchers compared patients with Parkinson’s to those without, they found… 

  1. The Parkinson’s patients had significantly lower levels of vitamin D compared to the controls. (This was expected based on previous research.) 
  1. Those with the lowest vitamin D levels were significantly more likely to experience non-motor symptoms associated with PD. These included sleep problems, depression, anxiety, and an increased risk of falling. 

Based on these results, the researchers concluded that vitamin D could be a potential add-on therapy for improving these symptoms in Parkinson’s patients. 

Toss out the words “potential” and “add-on” and he’d be right on the money…  

Based on all the evidence, Parkinson’s disease patients would benefit from adding in supplemental vitamin D as part of their primary therapy. 

And getting more vitamin D couldn’t be easier!  

All you have to do is spend 15 minutes out in the sunshine. Or pick up a supplement from your local pharmacy