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Nutrient Duo STOPS Heart Disease

There’s no disputing it… heart disease is our nation’s DEADLIST killer.

It claims more than 610,000 lives every year… many of them seniors.

And what does mainstream medicine do?

Nothing good…

They just pump you full of drugs that come with more side effects than results.

But you don’t have to be the next victim.

You see, there’s a powerful nutrient duo that STOPS heart disease at its source… and protect your heart even years after you stop taking them.

Even better? You can start using them TODAY.

I’m talking about selenium and Co-q10.

Each of these incredible nutrients isproven to boost your heart health on their own.

But recent research shows that when combined, this duo can take your heart to the next level… and even SAVE YOUR LIFE.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in theInternationalJournal of Cardiology, researchers split a group of 443 senior participants in half. They were given either a placeboor 200 mg of CoQ10 plus 200 mcg of selenium daily for four years.

Inthe end, the CoQ10 and selenium group SLASHED their risk of dying from heart disease nearly in HALF!

Even better? Researchers found that even 12 years later, those who had received the CoQ10/selenium combo were still 40 percent less likely to have died from heart disease.

This combo works because it helps lower the type of inflammation the drives heart disease and increases your blood flow.

Plus, each nutrient reinforces the beneficial antioxidant effects of the other… delivering a “one-two” punch to dangerous inflammation and other heart disease-causing toxins.

So, if you suffering from heart disease, it’s time to add CoQ10 and selenium to your daily routine.

You can get both supplements at your local pharmacy.