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NEVER Take a Statin Again (Here’s How)

You know by now that I think America’s cholesterol guidelines are a JOKE.

About 90 percent of people taking cholesterol-lowering statins shouldn’t be on them at all.

But what about the other 10 percent?

There are some people who have legitimate, runaway cholesterol levels thanks to genetic conditions or other factors.

So, does that mean you have to spend your life on statin drugs? The same drugs that have been linked to crippling muscle pain, cataracts, and even diabetes?

No way! Because researchers have just identified a supplement duo that can slash cholesterol levels.

And these supplements won’t break the bank, either.

A new study published in the Journal of Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicines has found that ginger and rosemary oil have dramatic cholesterol-reducing effects.

While ginger and rosemary have been studied individually for decades, it turns out they’re even more effective when taken together.

Both ginger and rosemary oil support your immune system and liver.

Basically, they allow your body to better regulate cholesterol levels on its own.

And it’s always better to work WITH your body than to fight it (like lots of drugs do).

Even better? Ginger and rosemary are super light on your wallet.

Big Pharma’s statins can cost you upwards of $1,500 a year.

Ginger and rosemary supplements, on the other hand, cost a less than $20 a month, total.

You can find these at your local health food store or online from suppliers like Nature’s Way and Bulk Apothecary.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health