blueberry extract

NEVER Get Radiation Until You Read This

When you learn you need radiation for cancer, your heart skips a beat.

That’s because you know radiation can damage a lot of healthy tissue, too.

It’s not for the faint of heart.

So here’s a question… if you choose to get radiation, wouldn’t you like to get as little of it as possible?

New research proves that a safe natural extract can make radiation three times more effective.

That can means you can kill A LOT more cancer… with A LOT fewer treatments.

An exciting new study from the University of Missouri has revealed that blueberry extract more than tripled the effects of radiation, alone.

That means you could kill the same number of cancer cells with only one-third as many treatments.

When researchers looked at radiation on its own, they found it decreased cancer cells by a measly 20 percent.

Blueberry extract, on the other hand, actually killed about 25 percent of cells.

But get this…

When radiation and blueberry extract were COMBINED, more than 70 percent of cancer cells were destroyed.

You’d have to get THREE radiation treatments to get the same results as ONE radiation treatment combined with blueberry extract.  

You see, blueberries contain an arsenal of disease-fighting antioxidant compounds, including: flavonoids, resveratrol, phenolic acids, stilbenes, anthocyanins, and ellagic acid.

These properties allow blueberries to control inflammation and suppress tumors.

The University of Missouri team found that, in the fight against cervical cancer in particular, blueberry extract suppressed the cyclin D and cyclin E molecules that encourage cancerous cell growth.

Additionally, the extract caused cancer cells to undergo apoptosis – aka “cell suicide.”

All without any harmful side effects!

If you’re going to endure the risk of radiation, why not triple the results by boosting your body with blueberry extract.

Blueberry extract can be found via reputable supplement manufacturers like Life Extension and Puritan’s Pride.

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