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fast food

NEVER Eat Fast Food Again! (Here’s Why)

If you’re like most Americans, you indulge in some fast food now and again.  

And when it’s the occasional burger or taco, what’s to worry about?  

Well, a whole lot more than you think.  

Because research shows that a certain fast-food ingredient can send your risk of a deadly disease through the roof  


Here’s what you need to know… and a tasty, safe way to eat a quick meal without the risks.  

Disturbing new research, published in Cancer Prevention Research, reveals that foods fried in reheated vegetable oil trigger both lung and breast cancer. 

For the study, authors fed a group of mice a regulated diet for one week.  

Then, the mice were divided into two groups: one group ate reheated vegetable oil – the stuff fast food is fried in – while the other group ate unheated vegetable oil. 

At the end of the study, the risks of consuming reheated oil were clear… 

The mice who ate reheated oil suffered a significantly higher rate of metastatic lung and breast cancer tumors.  

Reheating vegetable oil is so bad for your health because it releases acrolein, a toxin that’s scientifically proven to cause cancer, neurological disorders, and heart disease.  

Fortunately, it’s possible to still enjoy those fries and onions rings without getting cancer.  

All you have to do is fry your own! 

Just be sure to use oils that have high cooking temperatures and healthier nutritional profiles like coconut oil, or avocado oil. And dispose of them properly after one use.  

This will greatly cut down your acrolein exposure while allowing you to still occasionally enjoy some of your favorite foods.