pouring milk

NEVER Drink This Type of Milk

It used to be you couldn’t open a magazine, drive by a billboard, or watch TV without being bombarded by milk ads featuring celebrities with white mustaches.  

“Milk, it does the body good,” they promised. 

Sure, the marketing is genius. But the message is far from accurate.  

Because new research shows that mass-produced milk DOES NOT do the body good 

Instead, it RUINS your health and even you up for serious diseases. 

Here’s the TRUTH about conventional milk… and why you should NEVER drink it again 

Breaking research, from the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, finds that 65 percent of American adults are unable to digest traditionally-sourced dairy.  

And this leads to allergies… serious stomach issues… and even immune system dysfunction.  

Even worse? Other studies show that dairy increases the production of a hormone called insulin-like growth factor, which sends your risk of cancer through the roof! 

Yet, milk is still heavily marketed to all age groups – including your precious grandchildren – as a crucial part of a healthy diet. 

And this is hardly a surprise when you realize that the dairy industry spent more than $5.2 million lobbying to protect its cash cow (pun intended). 

Not only are these products marketed using false health claims… not only are they making people sick… but they are produced in deplorable farming conditions. 

You see, milk and dairy products from conventionally-raised cattle eat diets that are full of pesticide, antibiotics, and hormones that can increase inflammation and even activate allergies.  

But I want to be clear: NOT ALL DAIRY IS BAD. 

Grass-fed cattle eat just one thing – GRASS! And this simple diet makes their milk rich in nutrients… free from toxins… and easier for you (and your grandchildren) to digest.  

So if you want to enjoy a cold glass of milk or a rich pat of butter, go for it! 

Just make sure it’s coming from grass-fed cows.