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Never Have This Dangerous Weight-Loss Surgery

Losing weight can seem like a truly impossible task. 

Sure, it would be great if there was a quick fix weight loss option that had you super slim in no time… 

Except that simply isn’t how our bodies work. 

Instead, weight loss requires dedication to healthy choices... especially as you get older.  

Conventional medicine wants you to think they’ve made a major weight loss breakthrough for seniors. 

The only problem? This “breakthrough” surgery could be downright DEADLY! 

And it could end up killing you in just a matter of days. 

The mainstream has just released a study claiming that a procedure called bariatric embolization can offer “promising” weight-loss in just one year. 

Not only are the results minimal for this procedure – in which one or more arteries to the stomach are blocked with microspheres – is downright DANGEROUS 

They’re literally blocking your arteries for a measly 17-pound loss.  

But that’s not how the research reads. 

Instead, they published this statement: “Patients who had an average of 67 kg (148 pounds) excess weight at baseline lost 11.5% of it 12 months following the procedure.” 

If you do the math… that’s only 17 pounds..  

You see, eight participants suffered ulcers, one experienced gastritis, and one endured delayed gastric emptying. 

And three of the 20 patients experienced no weight loss at all!  

But, don’t worry, it gets worse. 

The study even admits that these results are “at least as effective” as other alternatives.  

That hardly sounds promising. 

Why would you ever risk going under the knife for results you could get in another, safer way?!  

Instead, try one of the incredible all-natural weight loss and fat fighting alternatives we have mentioned before in Advanced Health Daily: 

  • Black rice, proven to boost your metabolism and prevent fat build-up. 
  • Chickpeas, which slow digestion and make you feel fuller longer as well as reduce the production of the hormone ghrelin which increases hunger and causes cravings. 
  • Rose hips, which contain a compound called tiliroside that accelerates fat metabolism and improves your body’s use of glucose. 
  • Green coffee bean extract to boost natural energy production, improve blood circulation, strengthen immune function, help your body absorb carbohydrates, and regulate your blood sugar.