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Need a Stent? You MUST Read This

If you’reover 50, there’s a good chance that you or someone you love already has a stent.

And some mainstream doc probably told you at least three lies about the procedure: “it’s routine…it’s no big deal… and it’ll save your life.”

But we all know that stents are completely USELESS and incredibly DANGEROUS!

Fortunately, there’s a better, safer way to treat clogged arteries.

Researchers have discovered an incredible new technology that could replace stents… and SAVE LIVES!

Even better? Some hospitals already offer it.

New research, from the Syracuse University College of Engineering and Computer Science, has turned up an incredible life-saving development that could finally REPLACE dangerous stents.

Shape memory polymer (SMP) is a soft, rubbery, “smart” material that changes shape depending on temperature and light.

SMPs are safer than conventional stents because they are smaller and thinner during surgical insertion. Plus, they adjust to fit your blood vessel, which can prevent dangerous bleeds and infections.

In fact, allit takes for an SMP to fit properly iscontact with the patient’s body.

And that’s not all!

The Syracuse research team is examining how these SMPs could also be used in healing wounds, treating infections, and even fighting cancer.

They hope that with some additional research, they will uncover even more life-saving uses for this discovery.

But, for now, some hospitals are starting to utilize SMPs as an alternative for risky stents.

If you or a loved one is told you need a stent, talk to your doctor about this incredible, safer option.