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Breast Cancer

All-Natural Supplement STOPS Deadly Breast Cancer

If you or a loved one has suffered through breast cancer, you know it’s a nightmare.

Mainstream treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can wreck your health permanently… and surgeries can leave physical and emotional scars that never really heal.

You need a better way to beat breast cancer… and researchers may have just found it.

Brand new research from Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University has revealed an incredible compound that lowers a key indicator of aggressive breast cancer by up to 80%!

What’s more?! It’s all-natural. It’s safe. And it’s inexpensive.

Here’s what you need to know…

This incredible cancer fighter is an over-the-counter supplement called N-Acetylcystein (NAC).

NAC is a protein that contains the amino acid, L-cysteine, which our bodies use to boost levels of the powerful antioxidant glutathione.

Glutathione is crucial in our body’s fight against cancer and other diseases.

To determine the true power of NAC, the Thomas Jefferson research team gave patients who were awaiting breast cancer surgery the maximum daily dose of NAC for three weeks leading up to their procedures.

Their tumors were biopsied before and during surgery in order to measure key biomarkers, including the protein MCT4.

MCT4 actually strengthens cancer cells by bringing them energy stolen from surrounding cells.

The study found that, during surgery, patients’ MCT4 levels dropped by an astounding 80%!

That means the NAC was fighting breast cancer even before the surgeries happened. It would be interesting to know whether these women even really needed the surgeries at all.

And that’s not all…

NAC also inhibited something known as the tumor stroma, which cancer cells need in order to spread.

As Professor Michael Lisanti of the University of Salford explains: “High levels of stromal MCT4 are extremely worrying, as they are linked to aggressive cancer behavior and poor overall survival, so this is a very encouraging result.”

“To be able to inhibit MCT4 protein expression, in a non-toxic way, is a huge step forward,” he continued.

Even better? NAC is widely available right now.

You can get it from a number of manufacturers like Source Naturals, Puritan’s Pride, and Piping Rock.

Research shows that you can safely take up to 1,200 mg. twice a day.