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Tea Cures Cancer

Natural Duo Fights “Hopeless” Breast Cancer?!

It seems like every time some natural health breakthrough is discovered, it comes from some of the strangest places on the planet.

Maybe it’ll be some tree bark from Central Africa… or some flower that only grows on one mountain in the Andes.
Well, not this time.

Because health researchers have just discovered two “superfoods” that may have the power to stop even the most hopeless cases of breast cancer.

And here’s the best part – you probably have BOTH of them sitting in your kitchen right now.

As it turns out, the key to fighting breast cancer may actually be one of the most common veggies in our supermarket aisles: broccoli.

Paired with the healing power of green tea, even “untreatable” breast cancer is simply no match.

A team from the University of Alabama found that broccoli sprouts, paired with green tea, can actually cause even the deadliest forms of breast cancer to become highly treatable.

You see, breast cancer can be either “estrogen receptor-negative” and “estrogen receptor-positive.”
ER-positive cancers usually respond well to treatment.

ER-negative breast cancers, however, cause very aggressive tumors that are incredibly difficult to treat.

In fact, mainstream medicine offers very few treatment options for women with ER-negative breast cancers.

But that’s all about to change.

Researchers had a theory that the compounds in broccoli and green tea could turn estrogen receptors on.

Then, with the estrogen receptors “on,” breast cancer that had been nearly impossible to treat would become treatable.
And it worked!

The researchers combined these two superfoods and were able to convert ER-negative tumors in mice into ER-positive cancers.

The cancer was then easily destroyed with conventional treatments.

So, how does it work?

Well, cruciferous veggies like broccoli sprouts are rich in glucosinolates which the body converts into the cancer-fighting compound, sulphoraphane.

Sulphoraphane has been specifically linked to lower risk of breast cancer by reducing inflammation, inhibiting the growth of all kinds of cancer cells, and causing cell death.

Green tea, on the other hand, contains an extremely high number of antioxidant compounds called catchins which help protect cell DNA from damage that can lead to cancer.

Additionally, green tea interferes with the growth of new blood vessels that feed tumors.

These benefits may be remarkable but they’re also incredibly easy to obtain!

Simply increase your intake of broccoli sprouts and green tea – both of which can be purchased at your local health food store!

And if broccoli isn’t your thing, sulphoraphane supplements are widely available online. You can get it for less than $20 a month.