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Mother Nature’s Coronavirus KILLER?

Dear Reader, 

 With the coronavirus racing it’s way across the country everything is shutting down. And if your town is still up and running smoothly, chances are it’s coming. 

 Restaurants, bars, movie theaters — any places that draw crowds are closing their doors. And if you already struggle getting out and about, this can leave you depressed and feeling cut off from the world. 

 No one likes to feel trapped. But with the media strongly encouraging social distancing, you may be tempted more than ever to lock yourself in your home. 

 But there’s something you need to know before you go deadbolting yourself in… And it has to do with Mother Nature’s very own COVID-19 KILLER (hint: you won’t find it in your house). 

 While mainstream docs are scrambling to come up with drugs and treatments that get rid of the coronavirus, Mother Nature has already armed us with a powerful weapon: the great outdoors. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Now, that may sound basic. But let’s take a look at the 1918 flu pandemic: they too practiced isolation, enforced quarantines and shut down social gatherings.  

 The situation and public response was not all that different from COVID-19. 

 There is one BIG thing we need to take away from this historic flu pandemic: the medics treating those severely ill flu patients found that those who were cared for outdoors recovered BETTER than those treated indoors. 

The combination of sunlight and fresh air prevented deaths among patients and kept many of the staff from getting infected. 

 Research shows that outdoor air is a natural disinfectant and kills harmful germs. Sunlight is also a germ killer. Scientists found that it can even kill the flu virus.  

 In fact, during the 1918 pandemic, before antibiotics were common, they practiced “open air therapy.”  

 Patients were put outside in their beds to breathe fresh outdoor air or they were cared for in a cross-ventilated ward that had open windows 24/7. It reduced deaths up to 40%.  

 What’s more, getting enough sunlight will BOOST your levels of vitamin D. This vitamin helps strengthen your immune system, and if your levels are too low, you’re at a greater risk for respiratory infections. 

 So before you get cooped up in your house, consider getting outside daily for some fresh air. You can still practice social distancing by going on a solo walk around the neighborhood or with a friend or family member that is not sick. 

  Even just sitting outside on a deck or porch is beneficial for your health.