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Morning Staple SAFEGUARDS Your Liver

Liver cancer is one of the top five deadliest cancers in the US.

Over 42 THOUSAND people are diagnosed with it every year.

It’s a mind-blowing number.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be part of this sickening statistic.

Keep yourself in the safe zone starting TODAY, just by filling up on this morning staple that SAFEGUARDS your liver against this life-threatening disease.

According to a study presented at the American Association for Cancer research, following a diet rich in fiber and whole grains LOWERS your risk of liver cancer.

And a great source is oatmeal.

This long-term 32-year study assessed participants and had them complete regular questionnaires about their dietary habits.

Researchers observed that those who ate more whole grains had healthier livers, and were less likely to develop this form of cancer.

A whole grain is a seed made of three main parts. One of those parts is the outer layer, called bran.

The bran contains loads of vitamins, minerals and healthy compounds that have anti-cancer properties.

And its specifically higher levels of bran that PROTECT the liver from cancer.

Beyond that, they concluded that the BEST way to guard your liver is to eat more whole grains and, specifically oatmeal or other types of porridge.

The cereal fiber combined with the nutrients from whole grains packs an extra punch when it comes to fending off liver cancer.

But don’t just grab the nearest box of sugary instant oatmeal.

Check the box labels and look for organic, steel cut types that will be free of chemicals and full of the fiber your body needs to fight cancer.