Monsanto Unleashes TERRIFYING New Food Poison

Dear Reader,

Monsanto has spent years (and millions of dollars) defending its toxic weed killer RoundUp.

You know, that poison that’s being sprayed all over genetically-modified crops… and that California just admitted causes cancer.

But just when you thought Monsanto couldn’t get more reckless with our lives, these corporate fat-cats did the unthinkable.

Because they have a BRAND NEW weed killer hitting the market…

…and this one looks to be even more dangerous than the last.

Now that RoundUp is being added to California’s list of cancer-causing chemicals, you’d think Monsanto would be looking for a safer alternative.

Maybe one that couldn’t destroy your health… or kill you.

Well, not so fast.

The shady corporation has released its next product, Dicamba, in some markets… and the problems are already rolling in.

As of June 26, the Arkansas state plant board voted to ban the chemical.

That’s right. A state that depends on its agricultural industry has banned this new weed killer.

The ban was in response to over 420 reported incidents of Dicamba being sprayed in one field and then drifting onto another, killing all the crops in its wake.

Plus, this drift can make it nearly impossible to get your hands on safer, organic produce.

The tension has even led to one farmer’s murder by a neighbor!

But Dicamba is bound to cause a lot more destruction before it’s done.

Even minor inhalation of this toxic chemical can lead to vomiting, muscle weakness, shortness of breath, slowed heart rate, nervous system defects, incontinence, cyanosis (where you turn blue), and more.

Not to mention that just coming in contact with Dicamba can cause horrific rashes, burns, and blindness.

Is this really what we want on our food?

How anyone – much less Monsanto – thinks putting this stuff on crops is remotely a good idea, is beyond me. Dicamba is literally poison.

What’s more? The only plants that can even survive this harsh chemical come from Monsanto’s GMO seeds.

I can’t be the only one who thinks that sounds absolutely crazy. For a crop to endure Dicamba, it has to have its genes manipulated.

Paging Dr. Frankenstein!

Agriculture is critical to the Arkansas economy.  So, for them to ban such a powerful – and deadly – herbicide, you know there’s a darned good reason.

If Monsanto is allowed to sell Dicamba across the country, this same issue (and the health effects) will spread like wildfire.

Don’t let Monsanto or Dicamba weasel their way into your communities. Speak to your local officials and let them know you aren’t interested in toxic crops and poisonous air.

And, whenever you can, stick to organic and non-GMO produce.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health