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Miracle Mineral REVERSES Diabetes

If you or someone you love is diabetic… you already know it can destroy your health.

You see, diabetes is just the start.

Having this devastating disease can increase your risk of heart issues and even Alzheimer’s, as well. 

In fact, it can feel like a death sentence. 

But there’s good news…

Scientists have finally discovered the key to REVERSING your diabetes problems for GOOD.

And it’s all thanks to a certain miracle mineral nutrient.

Magnesium has been maintaining and improving your heart health for decades. 

Now, it looks like magnesium could be the key to STOPPING diabetes – and its complications – before they even START!

In a recentstudy, researchers divided participants into two groups: one received 382mg of magnesium per day and the other received a placebo. 

The results showed that the magnesium group experienced:

  • Significantly reduced blood sugar levels
  • Reduced levels of fat in their blood
  • And improved levels of “healthy” HDL cholesterol.

Even better?  Studies show that the risk of type 2 diabetes plummets by 19 percent for every 100 mg of magnesium intake per day.

How does it work, you ask?

Well, magnesium is essential to proper insulin function.  

And it helps lower the type of inflammation causes diabetes and the diseases linked to it. 

What’s more? Magnesium supplementation has been shown to help control blood pressure, build bone, and improve heart, brain and muscle function… all things that decline with diabetes. 

Experts recommend that that women consume 320 mg and men take 420 mg a day for maximum results. 

You can find magnesium supplements at your local grocery and health food stores and online from dozens of reputable retailers. 

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health