Miracle Formula Gives You BRAND NEW LUNGS?! (42 Days)

If you’re looking for solutions, don’t turn to Big Pharma. Especially if you’re a former smoker who’s still dealing with the effects of smoking. 

When you tell your doctor that you easily get out of breath, or that you can’t take in a deep breath like you used to, or that you have a nagging cough… he’ll shrug his shoulders 

Even worse? All he’ll suggest is a risky drug or more exercise.  

But I’ve found a better way to end your smoking-related struggles. 

My friend, Dr. Richard Gerhauser, has uncovered a way to restore the healthy, pink lungs you used to have.  

And it can give you BRAND NEW LUNGS in 42 DAYS!  

Dr. G. calls his revolutionary new formula Respinox, and it includes two key compounds that have been proven to give you brand new lungs in 42 days. 

The first compound is called Insam, and it’s a lung-restoring secret that’s been used in the Asian culture for thousands of years to protect and strengthen the lungs. 

But it’s not a secret anymore.  

Double-blind, placebo-controlled studies have shown that this Asian lung protector is perfect for ex-smokers. 

After just 2 weeks, people taking Insam experienced major improvements in their ability to take a deep breath, exhale forcefully, and breathe more easily. 

But the longer they took it, the better things got. 

At week 6, their lungs were 60% stronger than before, and they experienced a 40% increase in the amount of air they could inhale in 12 seconds 

And at the 12-week mark, there was a 40% increase in VO2max, which measures how much oxygen your lungs can take in. 

All of these improvements make sense, considering how Insam works in the lungs.  

You see, your lungs have tiny airways that run through them that look like branches. At the end of those branches are sacs called alveoli 

When you breathe in, those sacs fill with air and then disperse the oxygen into your bloodstream. When you exhale, the alveoli deflate.  

Picture it like a balloon that’s being inflated and deflated.  

The problem is that after years of working extra hard because of the cigarette smoke, those alveoli lose their elasticity—just like an old, deflated balloon. 

Insam actually RESTORES the strength and elasticity of those alveoli sacs in your lungs. 

If that was the only ingredient in Respinox, I would recommend it for its ability to strengthen your lungs and improve your breathing. 

But Dr. Gerhauser also added a key compound found in sour melon—something that has been proven to reduce coughing by 52%! One study showed that it also led to… 

  • A 22% reduction in shortness of breath  
  • A 40% improvement in their ability to fall (and stay) asleep, and 
  • 48% more energy. 

What makes these results really impressive was that everyone in the study was a heavy smoker who had smoked more than 15 cigarettes a day for more than 10 years.  

Talk about tough clients! 

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be left to suffer in silence as it gets harder and harder to breathe easy. And with Dr. Gerhauser’s new lung-restoring breakthrough, Respinox, you can restore your lungs in just over a month. 

That’s 42 days until you’ll be breathing EASIER… playing HARDER, and sleeping BETTER. 

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