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Miracle Breakthrough Keeps Seniors STRONG

Don’t you wish… 

You could stay strong and healthy as you age? 

You could stop the weakness and muscle loss that seem to get worse with every passing year?

Well, no need to wish any longer! 

Researchers have just discovered a powerhouse combination of nutrients that can help you combat frailty.

Even better? It’s specially formulated for folks over 65… and it can make your stronger in just six weeks!

Many seniors suffer from a condition called sarcopenia which causes your muscles to breakdown and deteriorate over time.

While you may think it’s a “normal” part of aging…. it’s not. 

And it can cause serious injuries – from broken bones and bruises to an increased risk of metabolic disorders.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

A recent study took 49 men 70 years or older divided into two groups – one group took this breakthrough formula and the other was given a placebo. Both groups were told not to exercise for the duration of the research.

After the first six weeks, both groups continued supplementation but added a progressive, 12-week exercise training program to their routine. 

And the results were beyond impressive.

The participants who took the supplement showed a decrease in muscle deterioration and improved strength both before and after the exercise regimen. 

After just the first six weeks, participants given the supplement gained an average 700 grams of lean body mass – the same amount they would have been expected to lose in a year.

Just imagine what this could mean for your golf game! Your love life! Time with your family!

This five-part supplement is not yet on the market, its components are readily available at your local health food store. They include: 

  • Whey protein helps build muscle and is rich in amino acids and glutathione. 
  • Creatine boosts your muscle cell health and helps those cells produce more energy. 
  • Vitamin D improves muscle and bone strength.
  • Calcium boosts bone health and helps protect your tendons.
  • Fish oilprotects your joints from damage. 

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health