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Mediterranean Snack SHIELDS Your Teeth (AMAZING!)

There’s one thing that is absolutely CRUCIAL to keeping you healthy as you age. 

Trouble is, it’s widely overlooked…  

And if you fail to take care of it you’re opening an entire can of worms when it comes to future health problems.  

I’m talking about your oral health. Now, maybe you already brush and floss daily. But chances are this isn’t enough. 

It’s time to really get proactive about your oral hygiene — and you can start just by sneaking this POWERFUL Mediterranean snack into your diet. 

Every second you’re encountering microbes. These are organisms that, under the right conditions, can land you with a disease or infection 

One spot they like in particular is inside your mouth.  

Maybe the term dental plaque sounds familiar?  

Well, this slimy build up on your teeth is actually a product of microbes. And if not taken care of, they can lead to cavities and gum disease.  

But a recent study published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that there’s a way to STOP microbial growth and RESTORE your oral health… and it’s hidden in olives. 

Olives have chemicals known as phytoalexins. These are proven to have antimicrobial properties, meaning they naturally fight off any foreign invaders. 

After extracting these power-packed chemicals from olives, researchers tested them against ten different types of oral bacteria. 

They found that these olive-based microbe fighters were effective at fighting ALL ten strands of bacteria!  

The next time you’re looking for a pre or post-dinner snack, try enjoying some olives. They go great with various types of wine and are also often paired with hummus and pita bread.  

Or, you can make them part of your main course as a salad topping or by adding them to certain stews and dishes.