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Harness the Mediterranean Secret for “ENDLESS” Youth

Picture this.

A gorgeous, glistening, turquoise ocean. Warm, soft sand under your bare feet.

Then long walks with your spouse after a delicious, filling meal… through winding streets with bright white stucco houses and colorful flowers on every balcony.

I’m talking about the Mediterranean.

And while cruises and flights may be canceled, you can get a piece of that DECADENT life for yourself.

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of people in the Mediterranean manage to stay fit and healthy far into their golden years.

And it’s not the beautiful landscape… though that’s a nice bonus.

I’m talking about a BIG secret that’s the anchor of their healthy lifestyle.

And you can finally access it for yourself.

What’s the answer? Well, it’s a three-part formula.

You see, my colleague Dr. Allan Spreen at North Star Nutritionals has cracked the code behind the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle.

And it all starts on a special island off the coast of Greece called Ikaria.

Here the people live well into their golden years with vibrancy and vitality…

How do they do it?

Well, the first part of the formula starts with this: olive oil.

Chances are, you probably already have this in your kitchen. Maybe you even cook with it a few times a week.

But it turns out, you would need to get 136 servings of olive oil to get the full benefits!

That’s a LOT of olive oil. But now, there’s a much simpler solution.

You see, olive oil contains a special compound called HDT.

And a new study reveals it could help achieve PERFECT blood pressure.

In the study, researchers tested HDT plus one additional nutrient (which I’ll tell you about in a moment) against a placebo.

The goal was to see what effect, if any, these nutrients had on blood pressure.

The study began with 67 people between the ages of 45 and 65.

The researchers took the participants’ blood pressure and told them NOT to change their diet at all, just take 3 HDT pills every day for 8 weeks.

And when the researchers took measurements again they were shocked.

The people taking HDT saw an incredible 9-point improvement in their systolic blood pressure.

But it gets better… their diastolic blood pressure improved 3 points.

Again, after just 8 weeks.

But the formula doesn’t just contain HDT.

You also get the blood-sugar improving  power of “red pulp,” the powerful second ingredient in the study I just shared with you.

PLUS a fat-burning powerhouse combination of polyphenols that will have you feeling trim and BURSTING with energy!

You may not be spending your days on a sunny beach, but you’ll FEEL like an ageless Ikarian.

You can harness all the power of this secret Mediterranean formula in MediComplete.

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Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White,

Executive Director, Alliance for Advanced Health

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