Mainstream Doctors BOTCHING Ulcer Treatments

Dear Reader,

The numbers are positively disgusting.

If you’ve been treated for an ulcer over the past several years, there’s a nearly 50 percent chance that you’ve been the victim of a terrible medical mistake.

A frightening new report shows that mainstream doctors are ROUTINELY mishandling ulcer cases.

And their errors could leave you with more ulcers, gastritis, and even deadly cancer.

It’s a problem the mainstream medical community has been keeping under wraps for years.

And taking one simple step NOW could be a matter of life and death.

I’m sure you remember the nonsense we were fed about ulcers for years – that they were just caused by stress.

But then in 2005, a Nobel Prize winning discovery changed everything.

Researchers learned that a stomach bacteria called H. pylori was the main culprit behind ulcers.

That was the good news – because it meant we could treat the problem with antibiotics.

The bad news? After 12 years, mainstream docs are still stumbling around like drunks in the dark.

They’re not following basic protocols for treating ulcers – and they’re leaving their patients at risk for cancer.

Here’s what one ulcer patient, Mel from Indiana, had to say:

“I’m totally stressed out. I have been battling this thing called H. pylori since December 2016 and after two rounds of antibiotics I’m sure the meds have not worked.”

And, believe it or not, Mel’s experience is totally typical. Because doctors are regularly prescribing antibiotics for ulcers – and then doing ABSOLUTELY NO FOLLOW-UP to see if they worked!

Can you believe that? That would be like suffering through chemo treatments for cancer – and your doctor never examining you to see if the tumors responded.

Researchers from the University of Arizona recently conducted a survey of gastroenterologists across the United States.

Most physicians started off in the right direction, testing patients for H. pylori as soon as symptoms arose.

But, from there, the errors piled up.

Forty-two percent of physicians weren’t conducting a follow-up exam after treating H. pylori.

If the bacteria are not completely killed off, the infection will continue to grow and may become resistant to antibiotics. They basically become “super bugs.”

And if there’s no follow-up – you guessed it – that patient is worse off than when they started.

When ulcers caused by H. pylori are allowed to continue to thrive, they increase your chances of gastric cancer and even death.

Some doctors weren’t even discussing with patients which antibiotics they’ve used in the past – so they had no idea whether they were giving the right meds.

This isn’t just reckless… it’s INCOMPETENT.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with gastric ulcers, dyspepsia, or chronic gastritis, these are the early tell-tale signs of an H. pylori infection.

Be sure to get tested and retested until the bacteria is completely eradicated.

Insisting on this testing could end up saving your life.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health

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