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Magic Bean CUTS Breast Cancer Risk 24%

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About one in every eight American women will develop breast cancer at some point during her life.

And if you think this terrifying illness only targets women, you may want to think again. Every year around 2,000 men are diagnosed with male breast cancer.

This kind of cancer affects everyone.

The key to beating this disease is to PREVENT it before it can even start.

Thankfully, most types of prevention boil down to lifestyle and diet — easy changes you can make today.

Starting with this getting more of this Magic bean that CUTS your breast cancer risk as much as 24%!

The international Journal of Cancer published a study that looked at the link between breast cancer and lentils, a member of the bean family.

They studied more than 90,000 women over eight years and found that those who consumed at least two servings of lentils per week LOWERED their risk of breast cancer by 24%.

Even better? Lentil’s cancer-kicking benefits aren’t limited to breast cancer.

Another study of 3,500 cases shows high lentil intake reduced the risk of throat, mouth and esophageal cancer by an incredible 37%!

A six-year study discovered that men who ate at least three servings of lentils each week SLASHED their risk of prostate cancer in HALF.

Lentils are a great source of fiber, protein, iron and minerals. And they’re also high in selenium, a mineral that is the superstar when it comes to cancer prevention.

If you’re not already eating this cancer-fighter on the regular, it might be time to adjust your plate.

Lentils are easy and cook up in about 20 minutes. You can add them cold to a salad or look up a lentil soup recipe for a hearty winter meal.

Alternatively, you can puree them and add them to baked goods for a sneaky way to get them into your diet.