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Live to 100?! (Just Eat More of THIS Food)

People have been searching for the illusive Fountain of Youth for centuries. 

The Fountain itself remains at large, but researchers have found another way to extend your life. 

It involves uncovering the secrets of the people who live the LONGEST… and HEALTIEST lives.  

As it turns out these folks have one particular food in common. 

And getting more of it could be the secret to living to 100.  

For the study, researchers analyzed the diets of 27,000 people in China with an average age of 92.9 years old. 

The participants filled out food questionnaires to see which foods all of these long-living folks had in common.  

Their secret ingredient to a longer life? 


After follow-up, the researchers found that people who ate the most of this magical bulb had a longer average survival time compared to those who rarely ate it. 

In fact, eating garlic 5 or more times a week led to an 11% decrease in mortality risk—even in the oldest people in the study. 

I know this information is “just” based on questionnaires, but the connection between garlic and longevity keeps popping up. 

Other studies show that younger people who eat a lot of garlic tend to live longer… but this is the first study to specifically look at garlic consumption specifically in the oldest populations. 

Other studies over the years have shown that consuming garlic (or taking garlic supplements) can lower your blood pressure, prevent blood clots, reduce cholesterol, and boost liver health. 

And specific compounds found in garlic (like the allicin I mentioned earlier) can boost your immunity and protect against heart disease. 

When you consider all of these individual benefits that come from garlic, is it any wonder that eating more of it could help you live longer?  

To get the most benefit from garlic, start adding more of it to your diet every week. Add it to dishes you’re cooking for dinner, to salads, or even by the spoonful (if you don’t mind smelling like garlic!).  

But you can avoid the garlic taste (and smell) by popping a garlic capsule instead.