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Dangerous “Lighter Fluid” IGNITES Inflammation

Dear Reader,

When’s the last time you sat in front of a fire?

Maybe it was Christmastime with your loved ones. Or maybe it was years ago on a camping trip in the mountains.

Perhaps you lit a bonfire last night to get you out of the house for a bit during this pandemic.

Regardless, you know the comfort a fire can bring… but also how quickly it can get out of control.

Much like fire, inflammation can take over your body… and all it takes is one match to set off a WILDFIRE of disease.

And now researchers have confirmed that inflammation can cause one of the most debilitating diseases out there.

Researchers have discovered that, yet again, INFLAMMATION is the true cause of disease… and this time, it’s Alzheimer’s.

It starts in one small cell and sets off a chain reaction that causes the ROARING flames of inflammation to take over your brain.

This cell is called the microglia.

These types of cells are part of your immune system defenders. They essentially swallow up invading bacteria.

But when they go up against amyloid plaques, it all goes haywire…

I’m sure you’ve heard of these—they’re believed to be the culprit of Alzheimer’s disease. They gather and clog up your brain, slowing your thought process.

And when they’re attacked by the microglia defenders, something terrible happens: another type of cell, called an inflammosone, appears.

Inflammosones are contained within the microglia, and when the microglia start their defense, it triggers the inflammosomes.

So these cells call even MORE immune cells to come to battle…

And before you know it, it creates a fire that just keeps feeding itself.

The microglia are KILLED off and used as fuel by the inflammosones, and inflammation runs OUT OF CONTROL.

But believe it or not, you can control this process. It all starts with doing what you can to LOWER inflammation.

You can start taking care of your brain and lowering inflammation by taking a daily fish oil supplement.

Fish oil has been proven by many studies to help lower calm inflammation and promote brain health. Look for a supplement that contains 250 to 500mg of DHA and EPA, the two healthy components in fish oil.  You can find one here.

You can also lower inflammation by eliminating gluten or eating a little less dairy, two proven inflammation culprits.


Fighting For Your Health,


Susan White

Executive Director, Alliance for Advanced Health