late night

This Late-Night Habit Could Be KILLING YOU

It’s easy to stay up much later than you intended. 

Maybe you get stuck watching a good TV program or movie…

Or maybe you lie in bed, playing around on your phone. 

It all seems harmless… but it’s not.

A new study proves that staying up too late actually sends your risk of dying through the roof. 

And you’ll never believe why. 

We all know that sleep is important. 

But nobody knew it was THIS important.  

New research has revealed that staying up late and sleeping during the day interrupts the healthy patterns of more than 100 different proteins in our blood.

That’s a HUGE deal… because these are proteins that control our blood sugar, energy, and immune function.

And that’s not all… 

A related study, from the University of Surrey and Northwestern University, found that people who stay up late have a 10 percent higher chance of early death than those who tuck in early. 

Researchers monitored 433,268 subjects, between the ages 38 and 73, for more than six years.

Even after factoring in other risks – smoking, body mass, etc. – the research revealed that those who stay up late at night are at a 10 percent higher risk of premature death. 

They also had higher rates of diabetes and psychological disorders, and neurological problems. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m turning in early tonight! 

Good bedtime habits include:

  • Avoiding sugar and sweets at least two hours before bed
  • Turning off all electronics – including the television – once you’re ready to hit the hay
  • Cut out caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol before sleep 

And if you need additional help, try melatonin or valerian root as you recalibrate your sleep schedule. 

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health