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Japanese Superfood FIGHTS Colds and Flu

Dear Reader,

Your immune system is your body’s number one defense against any type of sickness.

And it’s especially important this time of year, when cold and flu germs are lurking EVERYWHERE.

But you don’t have to wait until you’re stuck in bed sick as a dog, to stop these bugs from ruining your winter.

Instead, start by giving your immune system a BOOST and keep yourself from getting sick in the first place.

All it takes is a cup of this Japanese superfood.

Studies have found that miso contains nutrients that help your immune system work at its BEST.

Miso is a thick paste, made from uniquely fermented soybeans or another type of bean. And it’s this miso paste that is often used to make sauces and soup stock.

The great thing about this superfood is that it contains countless vitamins and minerals like vitamin K, zinc, B vitamins, copper and manganese.

It’s also home to many probiotics that STRENGTHEN your gut flora. This, in turn, increases your body’s natural immunity and cuts down on the growth of bad bacteria.

Getting more probiotics in your system can REDUCE your chances of getting sick in the first place.

But more than that, they can also help you recover faster from illnesses like the common cold and other infections.

Try cooking up some miso soup the next time you’re in the kitchen. You can search online for all different kinds of miso soup recipes, or give this easy one a try at