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Is Your Water ROTTING Your Teeth?!

Dear Reader,

Staying healthy is not easy. But you’re trying to do the right thing.

Your doc tells you to eat a balanced diet… stay moving… and always drink enough water.

And that last one might just be the most important.

Because staying hydrated flushes toxins out of your body and even REDUCES your risk of developing life-threatening heart disease.

But unfortunately, your primary water source could be causing more health issues than it’s resolving.

In fact, it could be ROTTING your teeth.

Unfortunately, the H2O coming out of your tap probably isn’t just water.

Researchers at West Virginia University recently discovered that a group of manufactured chemicals called perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) could cause tooth DECAY.

And PFAs are found consistently in US drinking water supplies across the country.

PFAs were used for decades to produce items like rugs, cardboard and cookware.

Manufacturers no longer use them,  but the chemicals still remain in our environment and cause health issues like high cholesterol and heart disease.

And now they have found that these dangerous toxins are DETRIMENTAL to your oral health.

Higher concentrations of a PFA called perfluorooctanoic acid is proven to promote tooth decay.

That’s because it has strong chemical bonds, making it more difficult to break down – hence why it has lasted so long in our water systems.

The bigger issue? Most people are not aware that they are drinking water that contains PFAs.

The best way to protect yourself is to use a water filter system, especially for your drinking water. Even using a filter like Big Berkey can help filter out any dangerous and unwanted substances like PFAs.

Research also encourages you to brush your teeth twice a day, with or without PFAs in your drinking water. This will significantly decrease your chance of experiencing tooth decay.