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Irish “Dirt Cure” STOPS Deadly Superbugs

There’s no doubt about it… superbugs are the next American Epidemic.

These antibiotic resistant infections are killing tens of thousands of people every single year… many of them seniors. 

And what does the FDA do?

Just what you’d think… 

Instead of protecting us from risky antibiotics, they let Big Pharma push new ones on us every chance they get. 

It’s absolutely criminal!

Fortunately, scientists are the brink of a superbug breakthrough that could change EVERYTHING. 

And it’s all thanks to an ancient Irish “dirt cure.” 

Scientists from Swansea University Medical School in the United Kingdom have found that a certain type of Irish soil contains a bacteria that could END antibiotic resistance FOR GOOD.  

You see, Irish soil contains a strainof bacteria that has remarkable medicinal properties.

The soil – from the alkaline grassland in the Boho Highlands of Fermanagh, Northern Ireland – was used by ancient healers to treat all sorts of and infections. 

And ancient folklore tells of how this remedy worked, time and again.

But, of course, modern science completely ignored these stories and that healing bacteria has been completely unknown… until now.

The Swansea team named the new species Streptomyces sp. myrophorea.

And it can STOP the growth four of the deadliest superbugs – including MRSA – that are especially dangerous for seniors.

So how does it work?

Well, superbugs contain what are called ESKAPE pathogens, specific bacterial species that have become increasingly resilient against antibiotics.

But this new Streptomycesstrain DESTROYS four of the six ESKAPE pathogens. 

And all without doing an ounce of damage to your health.

The study leader puts it simply: “This discovery is an important step forward in the fight against antibiotic resistance."

The scientists are now working to find which components of Streptomyces halt the growth of the superbugs in order to turn this discovery into a viable, widespread treatment for superbugs all over the world. 

I will keep you updated.

In the meantime, remember that the best way to avoid developing a superbug is to:

  • Cut out unnecessary exposure to antibiotics.
  • Only eat antibiotic-free meat.
  • Don’t take antibiotic drugs for conditions they won’t help, like the common cold.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health