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Insane! Treat Gray Hair With CANCER MEDS?!?

Dear Reader,

Forget going to the salon to color your gray roots.

If Big Pharma has its way, you’ll be going to a cancer clinic instead!

It may be the most disgusting money grab I’ve ever seen.

There’s a drug company plot underway RIGHT NOW to sell you powerful cancer meds to reverse graying hair.

It’s dangerous… it’s irresponsible… and it’s every bit as stupid as it sounds.

And the time to stop it is now – before innocent people get hurt.

If you ask me, this latest research is PROOF that we ought to take cancer “immunotherapy” drugs and bury them under tons of dirt and cement.

You know, like they did with the Chernobyl reactors.

You see, a recent study on these immunotherapy meds (sold under brand names like Keytruda, Opdivo, and Tecentriq) yielded an unexpected finding.

Of the 52 patients getting the drugs, 14 started getting color back in their gray hair.

First off, a 27 percent success rate is nothing to crow about. Second, it’s not like these folks went from looking like Betty White to looking like Angelina Jolie… in many cases, the color just came back in blotches.

But third… and most important… THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING!

These drugs are playing nutty professor with your immune system – and the next thing you know, your hair starts changing color?

God knows what else is going on inside your body!

But instead of freaking out (as they should be), the drug companies are smelling money.

Now they want to study why the drugs reverse graying.

And there’s only one reason they’re doing that – because they think they can expand the market and sell these immunotherapy cancer meds for anti-aging.

Crazy? They’ve done it before.

Botox was developed for chronic migraines… until Big Pharma found this toxic bacteria could be used for wrinkles.

The eyelash growth serum Latisse began as a treatment for serious eye pressure problems…. and the baldness drug Propecia was designed to treat enlarged prostates.

In all these cases, Big Pharma made a fortune expanding these potentially dangerous drugs to be used as anti-aging and beauty treatments.

And as far as dangerous meds go, immunotherapy drugs take the cake.

They can cause fatigue, dizziness, arthritis, colitis, a potentially fatal swelling of the pancreas, and other deadly issues.

Just to add a little color to your hair? That’s outrageous!

I’ll be following this story closely. And if these clowns get close to applying for FDA approval, I’ll let you know… so be ready to pounce.

In the meantime, embrace those grays… because, compared to what Big Pharma wants to sell you, they’re a blessing.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health