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woman with sunscreen

Ignore THIS Deadly Health Advice (It Could Save Your Life!)

There’s no doubt about it  

The health advice spewed by government industries and “leading experts” is bought and paid for by Big Companies with Big bottom lines. 

I see it with pharmaceutical companies all the time.  

But there are other industries with just as big of an influence on the health guidelines you’ve been taught your whole life to follow. 

And you could be paying the price… with your life. 

Because research has shown that IGNORING this one piece of common “health” advice can actually lower your risk of premature death.  

You’ve been taught your entire life to fear the sun. 

We’ve been so conditioned to avoid its UV rays that a question most people would ask about sun exposure is, “Are you getting too much?” 

But the better question is… “Are you getting ENOUGH?” 

In a study recently published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, researchers followed 30,000 for 20 years to see if sun exposure impacted the risk of skin cancer—and of dying. 

There was a definite correlation—but not in the way you might think. 

It turns out that people who avoided the sun completely had a HIGHER risk of developing skin melanomas (that’s the deadliest kind of skin cancer) compared to people who were in the sun every day.  

That might sound shocking, but the reality is that there is NO DEFINITIVE PROOF that sun exposure causes melanoma.  

In fact, studies consistently show that people who live farther from the equator (where they don’t get as much sunlight) actually have higher incidences of skin cancer. 

Plus, most melanomas tend to develop on parts of the body not exposed to the sun! 

But let’s go back to the original study because there was a second shocking finding: People who avoided the sun had nearly DOUBLE the risk of dying from any cause whatsoever! 

Sunscreen manufacturers have done a remarkable job convincing the world that your skin needs to be protected from the sun. 

But it’s all a big, fat lie. 

The truth is that the sun is your body’s main source of vitamin D, and vitamin D is crucial for your entire body. Not getting enough of it can contribute to diabetes, multiple sclerosis, brittle bones, cardiovascular issues—and yes, even skin cancer. 

And as this study showed, it increases your risk of dying as well. 

If that makes you want to toss out your sunscreen… good! It might be the best thing you’ll do for your health all summer. 

In addition to exposing your skin to all of that health-promoting vitamin D, you’ll also be avoiding the harmful toxins in these lotions, sprays, and aerosols.