Hot Compound INCINERATES Knee Pain

Knee pain can really take away some of the things you love the most.

No more casual strolls with your spouse… long hours of the golf course… or playing with your grandkids.

And all those risky drugs in your medicine cabinet aren’t helping.

In fact, they can even make your situation WORSE.

But it doesn’t have to that way any longer.

Scientists have discovered that a hot compound can INCINERATEyour arthritis pain – it works within JUST 24 HOURS and lasts THREE MONTHS!

You won’t believe this groundbreaking revelation.

An exciting new study has determined that an injection of a chemical 1,000 times hotter than chili peppers offers major relief for sore knees – in JUST 24 HOURS!

For the study, 30 patients with arthritis were given a single injection of resiniferatoxin– aka RTX– an extract from the cactus-like plant, Euphorbia resinifera.

Within 24 hours,all patients reported pain relief.

Even better? Most were still pain-free THREE MONTHS later.

You see, RTX is similar to capsaicin, the chemical that makes chili peppers so hot and has been proven time and again to fight arthritis pain.

But RTX is even more effective!

As RTX makes contact with your nerves, it binds to a molecule that’s involved with pain signaling, called TRPV1, and generates heat.

It’s so hot that it actually burns away the nerve endings that send pain signals from your damaged knee joints to your brain.

RTX literally INCINERATES your pain at its source.

This is nothing short of remarkable, especially when you consider how many patients are relying on dangerous anti-inflammatory drugs to manage pain on a daily basis.

Even worse? Hundreds of thousands of people undergo knee replacement surgeries every year.

But RTX could finally put a stop to these USELESS treatments.

While RTX injections are not yet on the market, they are in clinical trials. For more information… and to see if you’re eligible to participate, click here.

In the meantime, discuss this option with your doctor so he knows to keep an eye out for RTX.