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Highway Habit SHIELDS Your Heart

Most of us are looking for one big, quick easy fix for our health problems.

But sometimes it’s the little things that you do throughout the day that can have a BIG impact on your health.

Things you might not even think about…

Like this one highway habit that actually SHIELDS your heart health.

And I’m not talking about fastening your seatbelt (but I hope you do that already).

What was it like the last time you got in a car and drove somewhere?

Did you listen to the radio? Play some music?

Depending on the kind of music you listen to, scientists have found that it could EASE heart stress when you’re behind the wheel.

Because, let’s face it, while driving isn’t SUPPOSED to be stressful… it IS.

Traffic, long lights, and reckless drivers can send your blood pressure through the roof when you’re on the road.

And all of that tension puts added stress on your heart.

It’s this kind of persistent stress that can lead to heart disease or even a heart attack.

But a recent study finds that listening to music in the car goes a long way in relaxing heart.

And they found that those who listened to instrumental music in particular showed even LESS cardiac stress.

To measure the levels of cardiac stress, heart monitors were attached to each participant.

Participants first drove for twenty minutes during rush hour traffic (the most stressful kind of traffic) without any music.

They then drove the same route, during the same time of day but listened to instrumental music during the drive.

All participants experienced reduced cardiac stress when driving with music, as opposed to when they drove without music.

So the next time you’re in the car, turn on some soothing tunes to protect yourself against future heart complications.

Chances are it’ll make your drive a little less stressful, and perhaps even enjoyable!