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lemon balm

Heart Problems? Try THIS

If you’ve ever had chest pain, you already know how terrifying it can be.

One second you’re spending time with you grandkids… and the next you’re grabbing your chest in agony.

This alarming type of chest pain is called angina and it can land you on a whole regime of Big Pharma’s heart pills like dangerous beta-blocker and diabetes-causing statins.

Luckily, there’s a better way to stop angina.

Brand new research has uncovered an all-natural heart remedy with DRAMATIC results!

And it can even lower your blood pressure, too.

Lemon balm is a nutrient-rich herb that has been found to improve cardiovascular health by lowering your blood pressure and reducing inflammation.

But now researchers have proven that it does even more than we’ve ever known!

This recent study, published in the Journal of Herbal Medicine, involved 80 patients with chronic angina – half received 3 grams of lemon balm a day and half received a placebo.

And the results were incredible!

After two months, results showed that lemon balm:

  • Improved heart functions in times of stress and exercise.
  • Boosted heart screening results (i.e. echocardiograms, etc.).
  • Lowered blood pressure levels.

And, of course, patients reported fewer angina attacks!

Lemon balm has been used for centuries for its long list of astounding medicinal properties – everything from anxiety and depression relief to healing scorpion bites.

So, luckily, it is readily available at your local health food store and online from Oregon’s Wild Harvest and Solaray.

Plus, you can get your very own lemon balm plant and make tea at home. Just snip a few fresh leaves, rinse, cut into smaller pieces, and infuse into hot water for five minutes.