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“Healthy Food” Actually WRECKS Your Gut

For years, the mainstream has been backing some of the worst foods on the planet. 

They’ve put the “health food” stamp on things like chemical-ridden margarines and heart disease-causing low-fat dairy.   

But it looks like science has just pinpointed the worst of the lot. 

A new study has just revealed that one of America’s top “health” foods is RUINING your gut health.  

And it can put you on the fast track to some other dangerous diseases, too. 

I’m talking about wheat 

This might be a real shock to you. Wheat products – like breads, cereals, crackers, and pretzels – have been thought of as quintessential health foods for decades.  

But the truth is eating certain types of wheat can DESTROY your health.  

A recent study from Spain’s Universidad de León has confirmed that eating wheat can cause SERIOUS inflammation and infection in your gut. 

One reason is because gluten – protein found in wheat products – is very difficult to digest. 

You see, it encourages the growth of pathogenic bacteria in your gut in order to get the job done. 

And some of these bacteria have been linked to serious stomach issues like Celiac Disease. 

This means that our bodies are being filled with infectious bacteria just to get rid of the wheat we eat!  

Another reason that wheat can destroy your gut can be blamed on the GMO giant Monsanto 

GMO wheat is more difficult to digest and it’s sprayed with toxic, cancer-causing RoundUp before harvest.  

Research shows that exposure to RoundUp causes dangerous overgrowth of “bad” bacteria while depleting your gut of “good” bacteria. 

And having an unbalanced gut can set you up for devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes.  

Certain types of organic wheats – like einkorn wheat, which contains a more digestible form of gluten – are less irritating to your stomach and are free of harsh weed killers. 

But if you really want to help your gut, opt for organic fruits veggies and whole grains instead.   

And, of course, take your daily probiotics.