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Health Drink CAUSING Cancer? (SHOCKING!)

Some studies that come across my desk are shocking (like the study I told you about this week on the power of eggshells to grow new bones). 

Others make me say, “Well, duh.” 

Today’s study should be obvious to our informed readers, but it is worth mentioning anyway. 

Because it involves a common health drink that’s sending your cancer risk through the ROOF!  

And you’ve probably been told it’s good for you. 

No one needs to tell you that soda is bad for you. 

But what about juice? It’s made from fruit, so it must be good, right? 


Fruit juice is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing…. liquid sugar with a healthy-sounding name. And it’s every bit as bad for you as soda. 

Sugar-sweetened drinks have been linked to health problems ranging from obesity to type 2 diabetes to cardiovascular disease.  

Now, a study published in The BMJ has found a link between sugary drinks and cancer – and yes, that includes 100% fruit juice. 

Researchers examined food questionnaires of over 100,000 people. They followed the individuals for nine years, assessing their consumption of over 3,000 different kinds of food and drinks. 

They found that for every additional 3 ounces of sugary drinks consumed, the risk of developing any kind of cancer rose by 18%, and the risk of developing breast cancer increased by 22%. 

And when the researchers specifically singled out 100% fruit juice from the mix, the increased risk of any kind of cancer – and breast cancer – remained. 

That’s because sugar is sugar. 

And study after study shows that sugar impacts a host of markers associated with cancer, like inflammation, visceral fat, and blood sugar. 

Plus, we know that sugar literally feeds cancer cells! 

No matter what form it comes in, it’s best to put as little sugar in your body as possible. Yes, that includes fruit juice, too.