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Hidden Health-Destroyer LURKING in Your Breakfast?!

Dear Reader,

One of the best things about having a little more time on your hands is sitting down to a big breakfast.

Whether it’s just eggs and toast or a whole smorgasbord of biscuits, jam, sausage, and bacon, breakfast food is a favorite for a reason!

But amid all this delicious food is a threat to your health.

Because researchers have just discovered that the giant food manufacturers are trying to SNEAK a health-destroyer past you… and the FDA hasn’t lifted a finger to stop it.

What’s a good breakfast without a tall glass of juice?

But before you fill your glass with OJ, there’s something you should know.

Behind the label lurks a TERRIBLE secret: your juice could be chock full of high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and more.

And not to mention NO fruit at all!

You see, the FDA has extremely lax rules when it comes to defining “juice.”

And companies have been taking advantage of this to cut corners and leave out the fresh ingredients.

When researchers surveyed the most popular fruit punch juices, they found that many had pictures of certain fruit on the label, but only HALF of the juices actually contained the fruit depicted.

Even worse, less than half contained juice from ANY of the fruits on the label.

Talk about false advertising!

Even more, many of the juices that claimed they contained “100% juice” and actually had 2% or less. Instead, they were loaded with sweeteners and just plain water.

But here’s how you can avoid those fake fruit concoctions.

You already know to check the label, but there’s something else: don’t pick juices that aren’t refrigerated.

As well as sugar and water, these juices are filled with preservatives to keep them fresh, but in fact make the juice as unhealthy as a soda.

Instead, choose a juice from the refrigerated section. Always check the label and make sure it’s not loaded with sugar.

Better yet, make your own juice with a juicer. You’ll know exactly what’s in it plus you’ll get more nutrients and more flavor.


Fighting For Your Health,


Susan White

Executive Director, Alliance for Advanced Health