Heal Your Gut in Just 14 Days!

You know how important your gut is to your overall health.

Much of your immune system resides in your gut. And poor gut health has been linked to countless diseases like diabetes… Alzheimer’s… and even cancer.

Maybe you even take a probiotic to keep your gut healthy.

But, as it turns out, probiotics may not be enough.

As it turns out, UCLA scientists have just identified a secret nutrient that can give your probiotics a major boost.

In fact, it can help heal your gut in as little as 14 days.

But most people never take it… because they’ve simply never heard of it.


There’s a very important type of healthy gut bacteria called bifidobacteria.

These bacteria aren’t in many probiotics, but they’re essential to good gut health.

You see, bifidobacteria perform a range of health functions – from fighting respiratory illnesses to counteracting stress and lowering cholesterol.

But, as you age, your bifidobacterial levels steadily decline in your gut.

In fact, you’re born with 60 percent bifidobacterial organisms in your gut. But by the time you’ve reached your senior years, that count can be as low as 5 percent.

The UCLA team, looking for the best options to promote bifidobacteria, uncovered a unique prebiotic fiber called xylooligosaccharide – aka XOS.

XOS, made from non-GMO corn cobs, has the remarkable ability to boost your GI tract and create the perfect environment for gut bacteria to thrive.

In fact, the UCLA study found that XOS restored bifidobacterial levels in just 14 days!

That’s remarkable… and could be a real boost to your health.

You can purchase XOS from manufacturers like Nutricology and the Professional Supplement Center.

But remember: this doesn’t mean you should stop taking probiotics! Prebiotics and probiotics work together for optimal gut health. One isn’t as effective without the other.

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