What Grade Did YOUR Grocery Store Get? (SHOCKING!)

Dear Reader,

Disgusting doesn’t even cut it. Despicable and immoral, maybe.

Most of us have been going to the same supermarkets for years… and we trust that someone is in charge of making sure the food is healthy and safe.

But a major new report has just assigned a “D” grade to America’s top five grocery store chains for the safety of the poultry they’re selling!

The food we’re serving our families may be a lot more dangerous than we ever realized.

And these stores seem to be working overtime to make sure we never find out.

More than 50% of Americans shop at these five grocery chains: Walmart, Costco, Safeway/Alberton’s, Publix, and Kroger.

You’d think they would have a greater sense of responsibility toward their customers.

But we’d all be wrong.

In a shocking new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, NONE OF THEM received higher than a 50% mark for their commitment – or lack thereof – to reducing the amount of antibiotics in the chicken they sell.

The NRDC kindly gave them a D… but where I come from, that might as well be an F.

Let’s face it – NOBODY willingly chooses to eat antibiotics. They can cause antibiotic resistance and life-threatening superbugs, so stores don’t go out of their way to advertise antibiotics in meat.

In fact, when looking at the Big 5 grocery chains, NRDC found…

  • None of them will commit to eliminating antibiotic use in their meat.
  • Most locations lacked signs to show customers which meat was USDA approved or organic.
  • There was an alarming inconsistency between antibiotic use claims, many of which were unverified.
  • Some offered only one organic chicken option.

Carmen Cordova is the staff scientist with the NRDC and she explains it best: “Supermarkets can either continue to ignore the spread of drug-resistant infections, or they can answer their customers’ call to be a part of the solution.”

Well, it looks like these chains have chosen a side… and it’s not ours.

For years now, the scientific and public health communities have been sounding the alarm and begging the food industry to end antibiotic use.

That’s because antibiotic resistance (where conventional antibiotics will no longer work to treat infections) could result in a major health crisis of epic proportions.

I’m talking Biblical, ten plagues epidemic stuff.

More than 70 percent of antibiotics deemed “medically important” for humans are actually used on animals that are destined for our supermarket shelves.

And they’re being used to promote unnaturally fast growth and, even more disgustingly, treat diseases caused by unsanitary living conditions.

And this practice puts us all at risk of contracting antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Not to mention the fact that unintended exposure to these antibiotics means that they are less likely to work when you actually need them!

If grocery retailers would stop buying this cheap, antibiotic-riddled meat then this overuse would eventually die out.

But, as the NRDC discovered, they’re more interested in making a quick buck than keeping us out of harm’s way.

Having a home-cooked meal with family is a sacred experience. And grocery stores should take their responsibilities to us far more seriously.

If you shop at one of these five popular retailers, pay attention to what you’re buying next time you stop in for groceries.

Each does offer an organic option but since they’re not doing the work to help us eat healthy, we have to depend on ourselves to find the safest option.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health