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Government Hiding SERIOUS Vaccine Risk

If you’re like me, you had chicken pox when you were a kid.

You probably remember the itchy rash, long soaks in an oatmeal bath, and that gross pink cream.

For us, it was like a rite of passage!

But, thanks to the vaccine, our grandkids today will never get chicken pox.

Instead, they’ll experience something much, much worse.

It turns out that the chicken pox vaccine could be setting up millions of people for a much more serious health problem down the road.

Our government has known about it for years – and they’ve been intentionally keeping us in the dark.

There may be fewer cases of chicken pox now.

But it looks like our grandkids will be paying for it as adults – in the form of shingles.

You see, when you’re exposed to the chicken pox virus, it remains dormant in your body where it can be reactivated later in life.

But when it returns, it comes back as the much more aggressive herpes zoster – aka shingles.

But since 1995 the varicella vaccine (with the chicken pox virus) has been given to most babies between the ages of 12 and 15 months. And then again between four and six years of age.

So, practically every American kid is being exposed to the chicken pox virus – which means a heightened risk for shingles down the line.

And if you’ve ever experienced the pain of shingles, you know it’s MUCH worse than a case of chicken pox.

In fact, a 2002 study warned that mass chicken pox vaccination would spawn a serious shingles epidemic.

But, of course, Big Pharma didn’t do a darn thing about it.

And, now, research published in the Annals of Clinical Pathology claims that the Centers for Disease Control and the Los Angeles Department of Health Services actually colluded to bury that research.

Study author Gary S. Goldman is actually a former analyst for the Los Angeles Department of Health who monitored the introduction of the chicken pox vaccine.

So, there’s literally no one more qualified to ring this alarm.

Goldman explains that he was already hearing stories about shingles cases by the year 2000 – just five years after the vaccine was released.

And in response to the rise in shingles? The CDC recommends a shingles vaccine – a treatment that is less than 50 percent effective in the first year and completely ineffective after five.

Can you imagine anything more ridiculous?!

If your grandkids are due for a chicken pox vaccine, make sure their parents have the information they need to make an informed decision.

Chicken pox may be uncomfortable but it’s shockingly mild compared to shingles.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health