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Government HIDING Cancer Cures?! (Available NOW!)

For years we’ve all been told the same thing.

The only way to beat cancer is with sickening chemotherapyscorching radiation… or disfiguring surgery.

But what if everything we’ve been told about cancer is a BIG, FAT LIE?

The United States government is in possession RIGHT NOW of a powerful cancer-killing vaccine… one that starts working after ONE injection.

It’s been covered up for 55 years.

But today I’m showing Alliance for Advanced Health members like you EXACTLY where to get it… to save your life or the life of someone you love.


Terence had the kind of tumor that many doctors would call “hopeless.”

It was the size of a baseball and growing right from his neck.

And now it’s gone… all thanks to a powerful cancer-fighting agent known as Formula CT62.

If you haven’t heard of Formula CT62, well, that’s exactly what our government wants.

A brilliant New York surgeon developed it nearly a century ago… and he used it to treat countless patients who other doctors had left for dead.

Formula CT62 is a special “vaccine” that turns your body into a cancer-killing machine… and it starts working after just ONE injection!

Powerful drug company interests got it banned in America in 1962… but there’s something these Big Pharma fat cats don’t want you to know.

Because in a beautiful, state-of-the-art medical clinic, just a few miles from the U.S. border, you can get your hands on Formula CT62 RIGHT NOW!

A team of brilliant doctors is using Formula CT62 to help people just like you beat cancer… safely and PERMANENTLY…every single day!

And I’ll show you exactly how to get Formula CT62 in my new cancer-fighting manual, Banned in America: The Underground Cancer Bible.

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The Underground Cancer Bible gives you the TRUTH on breakthrough cancer treatments that are being blacklisted… and even covered-up… in America.

We’ll introduce you to revolutionary cancer treatments and clinics around the world that our government doesn’t want you to know about. I’m talking about…

  • A gorgeous cancer-fighting “spa” in Germany that has an 85% success rate treating prostate cancer! No chemotherapy… and most definitely NO SURGERY! It could save your sex life! (Page 37)
  • The Japanese Hexose C formula that destroys cervical cancer and DOUBLES your chances of surviving advanced liver cancer. (Page 105)
  • The IVAA Vitamin Cocktail that pinpoints and shuts down cancer cells… while leaving healthy tissue completely untouched! (Page 79)

You’ll NEVER hear about these safe, effective cancer breakthroughs in a typical mainstream doctor’s office… or even from our government.

But we’ll show you how to get them for yourself in The Underground Cancer Bible.

You’ll get page after page of revolutionary cancer treatments… and precise instructions on how to get your hands on them and how to work with the clinics that offer them.

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