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Gout Drug Linked to DEADLY Risk

They call gout the “Disease of Kings,” because so many royals got it from the rich food they ate.

But dealing with a case of gout is anything but luxurious.

The constant pain, stiffness and swelling – especially in your feet – can make walking feel like torture.

But do you know what’s even WORSE than gout? The drugs used to treat it.

One of the leading gout meds may be far riskier… and deadlier… than we ever knew.

And Big Pharma and our government are trying to keep you in the dark.

Uloric is one of the most common gout prescriptions on the market.

But that doesn’t mean it’s even remotely safe.

You see, this drug is meant to lower uric acid levels which cause gout.

But as it turns out, Uloric can dramatically increase your risk of dying from heart disease!

The Food and Drug Administration even issued a “safety communication” last November, which is practically like doing nothing.

I mean, come on… the FDA knows most patients don’t read that stuff.

And Uloric maker Takeda Pharmaceuticals keeps on raking in cash from the drug.

But Uloric isn’t the only risky gout medication.

Meds like Zyloprim and Aloprim (aka allopurinol) are also a hazard to your heart.

Uloric, however, is associated with a higher risk of death from all potential cardiac events – and that’s according to Takeda’s own research!

And while the consumer group Public Citizen attempts to petition the FDA to take Uloric off the market, it’s unlikely the government will take any action.

Heaven forbid they upset their buddies in Big Pharma!

But if you or a loved one is suffering from gout, there is good news…

There are a number of all-natural, effective gout treatments that are completely safe.

  • Cherries and tart cherry juice lower uric acid levels naturally. One study discovered that it only took 10 cherries a day to cut gout flare-ups in half. And a tablespoon of tart cherry extract twice a day is all it takes to get results
  • Apple cider vinegar (one to two tablespoons) mixed into water is another excellent way to reduce gout attacks.
  • Vitamin C (1,500 mg/day) has also been shown to lower uric acid levels

And always remember to stay hydrated and avoid processed foods with added fructose that can disrupt your uric acid levels.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health