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Get the Best Sleep of Your Life... No Drugs Required!

Dear Reader,

The older we get, the more difficult it becomes to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Some of us toss and turn, trying to get comfortable. Others lie awake trying to count sheep. Or maybe you give in and watch some late night TV.

No matter how you endure, it doesn’t make suffering a sleepless night any less aggravating.

And Big Pharma knows just how to capitalize on our frustrations.

Our pharmacy shelves and practically every TV channel is chock full of ads promising that a restful night if just a prescription away.

Sure, Big Pharma’s pills might knock you out but they’re as risky as all the other drugs we’ve warned you again.

And there’s a better way to get your beauty sleepdrug free.

Today, there are more seniors than ever before taking prescription sleeping meds.

But these drugs are nothing to sleep on.

Not only are they expensive, but they’re incredibly risky and they hardly work!

In fact, the popular drug Belsomra offers a measly 16 extra minutes of sleep. And that’s only if you take the absolute highest recommended dose – a whopping 20mg per day!

What’s more? Sleeping pills are associated with a 50 percent increase in car crash risk. And that number soars to 124 percent higher risk for patients over 80.

But there’s a better way!

A brand new study from Louisiana State University found that tart cherry juice provided a remarkable average of 84 additional minutes of sleep every night!

Cherries contain the sleep-promoting compounds “procyanidins” and “anthocyanins” that prevent your brain from releasing “awake” chemicals.

These compounds are also anti-inflammatories that reduce nighttime discomfort from arthritis, chronic pain, and gout. Thus, allowing for sleep uninterrupted by pain.

The research used a group of men and women who suffered from chronic insomnia – half were given tart cherry juice and the other half were given a seemingly identical placebo to drink every morning and an hour or two before bed every night.

After gathering data for two weeks, the researchers actually switched the sample groups to see if the results also switched.

And guess what? It wasn’t a fluke!

When given the tart cherry juice, participants enjoyed an average of 84 extra minutes of sleep each night.

That’s nearly an hour-and-a-half of additional rest compared to Belsomra’s meager minutes.

And don’t get me started on the adverse risks associated with sleeping pills – both prescription and over-the-counter. Dizziness, delirium, and diarrhea aren’t even the tip of the iceberg.

Tart cherry juice, on the other hand, is all-natural and risk free!

If you or a loved one are struggling with your sleep patterns, try tart cherry juice.

You can even get your hands on the exact juice used in the Louisiana State study.

It’s called Montmorency and you can order it online from Indian Summer and Shoreline Fruit or from your local grocery or health food store.

Just be sure you get pure juice without added sugar or sweetener.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health