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Get a YOUNGER BRAIN in One Hour?!

If you feel like your memory isn’t what it used to be, you’re in good company. Everything seems to slow down with age… and your brain is no exception. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Science suggests there’s a way to make your brain 50 years younger (yes, you read that right!).  

In fact, this revolutionary formula can SLAM the brakes on brain aging… and even shift it into reverse.  

Even better? It gets to work in just ONE HOUR! 

Renowned “nutrition physician,” Dr. Allan Spreen, has developed his own brainrestoring solution based on breakthrough research he found buried deep in a recent medical journal. 

Big Pharma hopes you never hear about life-changing results like these (especially since they can’t patent them and make money on them). 

But it’s my job to tell you about this miracle formula and how to get your hands on it ASAP. 

Dr. Spreen, with NorthStar Nutritionals, calls this new brain-rejuvenator Cognicept—and it boasts three impressive benefits. This formula helps 

  1. Reverse brain aging, 
  2. Keep it young for good, 
  3. And even make you smarter in the process. 

I’m talking about NEW brain cells, NEW neural connections, MORE memory power, BETTER focus, and ultimately…  A YOUNGER BRAIN. 

No dietary changes, no exercise, and no tedious crossword puzzles necessary. 

You see, there’s a compound called Salvia officinalis that helps boost helps build and rejuvenate your brain cells 

And research shows it can start doing this in as little as an hour.  

In one study, researchers included individuals averaging 73 years old. One group got Salvia, and the other got a placebo.  

The placebo group didn’t experience any brain changes. But in the Salvia group, there was an 81% improvement in memory power in just 1 hour!  

Five hours later, their focus became 150% shaper. 

And the benefits only got stronger with time. 

Because 3 weeks later, their memories strengthened by 287% compared to placebo. 

And it’s all because of Salvia’s ability to boost your brain. 

Turning back the clock on your brain’s age is a good first step… keeping it young for good comes next.  

Enter the second key ingredient in Cognicept: C-R-Q. 

Scientists soaked two dishes of human brain cells in amyloid, the compound implicated in age-related brain fog and memory loss. After just 24 hours, only 50% of the brain cells were still perfectly healthy 

But when they added a small amount of C-R-Q to the dishes, it kept the brain cells healthy and strong…despite being dunked in amyloid. 

The results are just as impressive in humans. When individuals received C-R-Q for 21 days, they improved their memory in every way the scientists tested them. 

The worse their memory, the more dramatic the improvement. 

And in another study, taking C-R-Q for 21 days actually increased IQ! 

Last but not least, Cognicept contains Hydroxycobalamin—a critical nutrient shown to help stop brain shrinkage by shutting down homocysteine. 

These three nutrients can cross the blood-brain barrier, where they can protect your brain from free radical damage, strengthen existing brain cells, and even grow NEW brain cells. 

The end result is that Cognicept is a complete system for helping reverse how young your brain feels. 

And because Dr. Spreen and I work with the same parent company, he’s generously agreed to let you try brain-boosting CogniCept at ZERO RISK!

If you don’t start seeing sharper focus and clearer memories after just ONE HOUR, simply send your bottle of CogniCept back for a full refund.

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