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Garden Secret STOPS Bone Fractures

Dear Reader,

If you’re anything like me, you probably already passed that “over the hill” milestone a while ago.

And your bones are likely worse for the wear.

That’s because after 50, most people lose up to 30% of their bone density…

This makes you a prime target for developing bone-related diseases like osteoporosis… and your risk of having a bone fracture SKYROCKETS.

But you can prevent all of this from happening. 

Thanks to a pungent but power-packed garden secret, you can REDUCE your risk of bone fractures up to 20%.

A study performed by the Medical University of South Carolina divided 507 participants into four groups: those who consumed onions less than once a month, twice a month to twice a week, three to six times a week, or once a day.

At the end of the study, they concluded that folks who consumed onions once a day decreased their risk of a hip fracture by MORE than 20%.

Plus, those who ate onions at least once a day had a 5% greater overall bone density than those who ate them once a month or less.

Prebiotics help your body better absorb important minerals like calcium, which helps with bone helps. Onions are particularly rich in prebiotics that contribute to its bone-boosting effects.

Onions also help reduce oxidative stress, increase your body’s antioxidants and decrease bone loss — all of which help fight osteoporosis and help with bone density.

Onions are an easy vegetable that you can add to just about any meal. Enjoy them raw, sautéed, or as part of a recipe.