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Sunshine Fruit REVERSES Diabetes and Heart Disease!

Dear Reader, 

 Getting older comes with its ups and downs. It has perks like getting to spend time with friends and family and watching the grandkids grow up. 

 But it also has some scary downsides when it comes to your health. More candles on the cake means your risk for lifethreatening diseases shoots upward.  

 And these can ultimately countdown the timer on the time you have left with your loved ones.  

 But there is some good news… 

 You have control over how long you have left. Because new research shows that this sunshine fruit can REVERSE three top killers – diabetes, heart disease and obesity. 

 Even better? It could even ERASE the damage already done.  

 A study published in the Journal of Lipid Research found that a unique molecule found in oranges and tangerines – called nobiletin – SHEILDS you against heart disease and diabetes. 

 And may also REVERSE obesity. 

 For part of this study, two groups of mice were given a fatty, high-cholesterol diet. One of the groups was ALSO regularly given nobiletin.  

 The group only on the fatty diet had a significant increase in weight and blood fats. 

 Whereas the group taking nobiletin remained slim.  

 And there’s more good news… 

 The study also found that nobiletin reversed symptoms of heart disease in already obese mice 

 This not only helps alleviate the health complications that come from obesity but also protects you against other diseases that can be triggered by obesity, like diabetes. 

 They even found that plaque build-up in the arteries began to decrease, a surefire way to dodge heart disease.  

 Research suggests that this molecule works by “turning on” your body’s fat-burning mechanism or by blocking your body’s fat creating process.  

 To help ward off obesity and fight these diseases, consider stocking up on some oranges and tangerines on your next grocery run. 

 While orange juice has this powerhouse molecule, it is usually jam-packed with sugars that could counteract the diabetes-fighting benefits. 

 Another option is to take a nobiletin supplement, which you can find online or at your local health food store.