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Fruit Compound KILLS Cancer

If you or a loved one have ever been diagnosed with cancer, you already know how hopeless the mainstream treatments are. 

The expensive drugs… sickening chemo… and risky surgeries are bad enough.

But then come the results: slim to none.

You go through hell and back… and you STILL HAVE CANCER. 

Well, that can all end today. 

Researchers have found a natural way to KILL tough cancers… before they even have a chance to spread. 

And it’s all thanks to a special fruit compound. 


Citrus fruits have been enhancing your health for years. 

They’re full of powerful antioxidants – like vitamins C and E – that can protect your vision and boost your immune system. 

And now it looks like they could be the key to STOPPING CANCER, too. 

You see, citrus contains a special compound called pectin. 

And it can DESTROY the root cause of cancer: galectin-3.

This protein is one of the primary causes of inflammation which encourages cancers – like leukemia, breast, colon, skin, and lung – to spread.

And that’s where citrus pectin comes in. 

It contains a powerful sugar molecule – called galactosides – which binds to galectin-3 and disables it.

Two different clinical studies found that citrus pectin does wonders for prostate cancer patients. 

The men in both studies were treated with 15 grams per day of pectin daily. 

And it KILLED existing cancer cells… and slowed the growth of new ones. 

Even better? Other research shows that citrus pectin may help block the growth of other cancers like breast, colon and leukemia. 

Experts report that citrus pectin is so effective at killing cancers because it makes your cancer-killing cells more active… WITHOUT any side effects. 

But regular citrus pectin – like the type you use in canning – won’t get the job done. Your body isn’t able to absorb it. 

Instead, look for modified citrus pectin or MCP. This type is easily absorbed and starts KILLING CANCER FAST. 

You can order modified citrus pectin online from Life ExtensionEconugenics, and NOW.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health