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“Forbidden” Food SLAMS the BRAKES on MS!

Dear Reader,

Multiple sclerosis (MS), a painful, life-changing and often unpredictable condition.

And if you or a loved one suffer from this devastating disease, you already know how it can turn your life upside down.

You might have trouble doing even the simplest tasks like getting out of bed or walking to the mailbox.

Even worse? There’s NO cure for MS.

But there is a way you can SLAM the brakes on this disease… before it starts.

And it’s all thanks to a certain “forbidden” food.

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition shows that consuming unprocessed red meat can reduce your risk of developing central nervous system (CNS) demyelinationthe key driver behind MS.

Data for this study included 282 cases of people with MS alongside 558 healthy control participants.

Results revealed that those who ate a daily serving of 65 g worth of unprocessed red meat showed a SIGNIFICANTLY reduced risk of CNS demyelination.

Some unprocessed meats include beef, pork, veal and lamb. Whereas processed meats have been preserved by smoking, curing or have had chemical preservatives added to them.

Examples of meats that have been processed are hot dogs, sausages, salami, deli meats or bacon

Red meat contains vital nutrients like protein, iron, zinc, potassium, selenium and a range of B-vitamins. All of which are crucial for neurological function.

If you or a loved one are especially at risk for MS having unprocessed red meat as part of one of your main courses could be a game-changer.

Red meat often gets a bad reputation. You’ve probably been told to limit it in your diet as much as possible.

But now there’s reason to consume it daily and guilt-free with a few minor caveats…

Researchers recommend a moderate amount of unprocessed, lean red meat for optimal health (65g a day).

So as long as you stick to the above, feel free to indulge in this juicy main course more frequently.