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“Forbidden Drink” MELTS Fat and REVERSES Diabetes

For decades, the mainstream and FDA have been spewing the same old advice when it comes to losing and weight and controlling your blood sugar.  

They’ll tell you to go on a tasteless low-fat diet… exercise like a Navy SEAL… and they’ll even push risky drugs on you.  

But it turns out they were WRONG AGAIN. 

Because more and more studies show that drinking more of a certain forbidden drink” could be the best way to MELT FAT.  

And now, the latest shows that it can help prevent diabetes, too. 


If you’re like me, you can’t start your day without your morning cuppa Joe. 

You may have been told that your coffee drinking is a bad habit, but if this counts as a bad habit, count me in. 

Because in the first study of its kind, researchers found that drinking coffee could help combat obesity and diabetes. 

Sure sounds better than diet and exercise! 

Here’s the scoop. This study looked at the impact of coffee on something called brown fat – which is actually a beneficial form of fat in your body. It can help prevent the buildup of the harmful, inflammatory fat associated with obesity. 

Understanding brown fat has been a new frontier of discovery in the scientific community. They used to think that only babies and hibernating animals had brown fat. (Yes, wrong again.) 

Instead, we’ve learned that adults have brown fat, too – and that’s a great thing. 

Because brown fat generates body heat by burning calories. This is in direct opposition to standard white fat, which stores calories. 

Increasing brown fat activity balances your blood sugar, improves blood lipid levels, and burns calories. 

And guess what? Drinking coffee increases the activity of brown fat! 

What this means in practical terms is that drinking coffee can help you lose weight and prevent diabetes. 

Experts believe that coffee is able to activate your brown fat because it contains powerful antioxidants and polyphenol compounds. 

So, pour yourself a steaming cup of coffee and enjoy every sip knowing you’re benefiting your waistline… and your blood sugar!