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Four Foods Fight Cancer BETTER Than Chemo?!

Cancer is still a condition that’s nearly impossible to treat.  

Mainstream docs will still support “treatments” like chemotherapy and radiation…  

But the fact is, these are USELESS when it comes to actually killing cancer. And it’s especially true when it comes to cancer stem cells.  

Cancer stem cells are also referred to as the “mother cells.” They’re a small portion of cells in tumors but they’re the ones that resist chemotherapy.  

These nasty cells are also the reason why cancer spreads to other parts of your body.  

So, killing these cells is the best way to stop cancer at its source.  

Fortunately, Mother Nature has given us everything we need to just that. 

And it starts with these four foods that are far more effective at KILLING cancer stem cells than any amount of chemotherapy.  

It’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many health conditions, but only recently have researchers from Baylor University Medical Center found that green tea has unique cancer-fighting properties.  

It contains an active ingredient called EGCG which KILLS cancer stem cells. 

When it comes to breast cancer stem cells in particular, ginger is 10,000 times MORE effective than the popular chemo drug, Taxol.  

The cancer fighting component in ginger, 6-Shogaol, forms when ginger root is cooked or dried.  

What’s even better? A high concentration of this compound ISN’T harmful to your healthy cells (unlike chemo or radiation) but still knocks out cancer. 

Similarly, the spice turmeric has a unique component called curcumin which also targets cancer stem cells WITHOUT damaging your healthy cells.  

Studies to date show that it’s effective in attacking cancer stem cells in breast, head, neck, pancreatic, colorectal and brain cancer.  

Last but not least, studies from Penn State University found that red grapes are also top on the list for fighting colon cancer stem cells. Resveratrol, a compound found in the seeds and skin of grapes, killed these cancerous cells in both lab and mice studies.  

So before you go putting all your faith into conventional cancer “treatments” look into Mother Nature’s stock pile of cancer-fighting foods. 

What’s also GREAT about all the foods mentioned above? Not only do they FIGHT cancer, they also defend your body against it.  

So even if you aren’t already suffering from this terrifying disease, consider adding the above to your plate and start protecting your body today.