FDA Hiding DEADLY Food Risk

I’ve been warning you for years about the dangers of the weed killer RoundUp.

RoundUp may be good at killing weeds — but it’s pretty good at killing us, too.

Countless studies have linked Roundup to everything from kidney disease to cancer.

Now, Monsanto (which was just bought by Bayer), has found a new and dangerous way to get RoundUp into our food supply.

Our government has known about it for years… and kept us all in the dark.

Scientists at the Food and Drug Administration have just made a truly alarming announcement…

The chemical glyphosate (the main ingredient in RoundUp) has been found in a shocking number of popular processed foods.

You see, the government has been testing foods for traces of glyphosate for more than two years but hadn’t released any results.

And now we know why.

The FDA had trouble finding foods that DID NOT contain glyphosate.

From corn meal to crackers and cereals, most processed foods show traces of glyphosate.

This information wasn’t released voluntarily by the FDA, either. Instead, it was detailed in emails – dated back to January 2017 – that were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Now, in an attempt to cover its butt, the FDA is promising to release the official findings later this year or next year.

Are you KIDDING? They have the information NOW… but they’re going to keep exposing MILLIONS of people to a chemical linked to cancer!

Don’t wait for these clowns to act.

You can make a few simple changes to escape exposure to glyphosate.

First, only buy organic produce and stay away from anything that’s been genetically modified. RoundUp is regularly sprayed on genetically-modified food.

Second, avoid processed foods as much as possible.

As our own government knows, almost all of these foods are now loaded with glyphosate.

And they’re not doing a thing about it.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health