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FDA Declares War on Alternative Pain Treatment

It’s a medical treatment that has the power to erase pain and revolutionize the way we age.

So why is our own government trying to keep it away from you?

You may have heard a bit about cryotherapy, which uses super-cooled vapors to calm inflammation and boost your immune system.

The drug-free therapy is so effective that superstar athletes like LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo swear by it.

And that must have the FDA and their pals at Big Pharma sweating bullets.

Because the FDA has just declared war on cryotherapy… and they’re using a campaign of lies to try to ruin the entire market.

The FDA recently released a “safety warning” in hopes of scaring people away from cryotherapy.

They said there was “very little evidence” that there are any health benefits to this treatment.

In other words, they called it quackery and a waste of cash.

But the FDA isn’t just lying to your face… if you ask me, they know they’re lying.

You see, there have actually been DOZENS of studies on the health benefits of cryotherapy (you don’t think Lebron James wastes his money or time, do you?)

There was a 2014 study out of Poland that found that cryotherapy increased range of motion for adult men suffering from chronic back pain.

And another study from France showed it significantly improved muscle pain in seniors. And yet another round of research in 2010 found cryotherapy helped people with rheumatoid arthritis, dramatically reducing histamine levels.

And are you ready for the kicker? Several of these studies were published on a website operated by the National Institutes of Health!

That’s a sister agency to the FDA! They’re actually both under the Department of Health umbrella.

Call me crazy… but I’m certain the folks at the FDA have seen these studies. They’re just hoping you haven’t.

Why? Because cryotherapy can have reversing effects on everything from inflammation to muscle and joint pain and even premature aging.

And whether its ibuprofen or opioids, anti-inflammatories and pain pills are a multi-billion dollar industry. It looks like Big Pharma and their lapdogs at the FDA are protecting their turf, simple as that.

Don’t let them fool you.

There are reputable facilities all over the country that are now offering whole-body cryotherapy – and there are thousands of customers who will tell you how well it works.

Just click here to find your nearest cryotherapy treatment location.


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